MOHAMMAD Zubair, the producer of UrduNet initially started publishing "PAK SHIMBUN" the first ever biweekly Urdu news paper from Japan in 1998. Due to indispensable reasons, this newspaper was stopped in Jan 2002.
UrduNet Podcast in one of the major development of Asia Vision International, which is the first ever Daily Urdu News Audio Podcast in the world. We began our experimental Audio Podcast in October 2005 and inaugurated daily Urdu News Audio Podcast from 1st February 2006. Soon after this, we inaugurated UrduNet Online Newspaper, the text version of UrduNet. This improvement rapidly attracted audience not only from Japan but also from Canada, USA, UAE, UK, Pakistan, South Korea, Chile, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

A glimpse of MOHAMMAD Zubair professional profile:
Advisor to Asia Press International for South Asian Region.
Member Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan.
Tokyo Correspondent for Online International News Network (Pakistan)
Announcer and Translator for NHK World, Radio Japan Urdu Service.
Came to Japan in 1988 and started to work on ordinary lives of Pakistanis and other foreign workers in Japan.
Join Asia Press International in 1990, the first Asian group of journalists began VIDEO JOURNALISM in Japan. It is first Asian group after CNN, BBC and other European networks started Video Journalism. MOHAMMAD Zubair produces his first work as a video journalist in 1992. It was a documentary on the lives of foreign workers in Japan and Asahi Network broadcasted it as a live program.
Produces many Photo and Video reports mostly for Japanese printing and broadcasting media such as Asahi Shimbunsha, TV Aahi, NHK, Gendai publishing company, Shogakkan etc. A Japanese printing company published his book TONARI NO GAIKOKUJIN, "
Foreigners Next Door" which is a collection of essays and photograph describing the lives of 15 foreigners in Japan.
Iraq and Afghanistan:
Covering Iraq and Afghanistan since 1998. Produces number of news reports on themes such as Taliban, Afghan war, Afghan refugees, Gulf War Syndrome in USA, Canada and Iraq, Mysterious child diseases in Iraq, Iraq war in 2003, Kashmiri refugees and Kashmiri Mujahideen. Pakistan after Ms. Bhutto assassination etc.
Producing Photo/Video reports about Islam in Japan and Muslims in Japan.